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Grinding for circular blades



This circular knife grinding machine combines the following three main features:

  • rotating and tilting head;
  • automatic grinding wheel downfeed;
  • rotary chuck with speed regulator;

for grinding bevelled circular knives and blades and surface grinding discs and other work-pieces

LA500/LA700 Circular knife grinding machine Video tutorial

Also available is the version LA 700 for grinding circular blades and discs with diameter up to 700 mm.

Technical features of the LA500 circular knife grinding machine:

  • Automatic downfeed grinding head with automatic stop at preset height;
  • Rotating head range 0°-70°, tilting 0-5° for grinding circular blades, using an easy to read vernier scale;
  • Grinding wheel motor with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation direction for perfect grinding of any angle;
  • Fixed speed rotating mechanical chuck for level grinding operations;
  • Chain driven rotating chuck;
  • Work time controlled by timer.


  • PLC (digital programmer Cycle work and motorized lifting and descent of the grinding wheel)
  • Grinding motor 3,7 kW (5 PS);
  • Magnetic chuck Ø300-350-400 mm;
  • Electronic variable table speed 3 - 35 RPM;
  • Magnetic cleaner with rotating discs and external tank;
  • Manual or automatic paper cleaner;
  • Protection cabin;
  • Extraction system;
  • Adjustable column up to 300 mm;
  • Special column to grind discs up to Ø620 mm (LA500 only);
  • Special column to grind discs up to Ø820 mm (only on LA700);
  • Halogen lamp;
Circular knife Blades and surface grinding discs grinding bevelled circular knives La700 Application Automatic downfeed grinding head Automatic grinding wheel downfeed Rotary chuck with speed regulator

LA300 Grinding machine for circular knives and blades Video tutorial


The model LA300 is a grinding machine for sharpening circular blades and counter-knives. Practical, covenient and compact the LA 300 is easy to use.
The LA 300 can sharpen circular blades up to 300 mm in diameter and features a 0° -70° rotating grinding head, grinding motor power of 1,5 kW, automatic working cycle, and variable speed blade support.
The LA 300 is particularly suitable for sharpening blades used in the tissue sector.

Upon request:

  • Machine base
  • Variable speed of blade support

LA300 Junior Circular knife grinding machine

LA300 Junior

The LA300 Junior is an easy to use bench grinding machine for sharpening circular blades up to Ø300 mm in diameter.
The LA 300 Junior features a rotating grinding head from 0-70°, with grinding motor 0.37 kW, manual down-feed, and fixed speed table rotation.

Main features:

  • Single phase power supply: 230V - 50hz
  • Grinding wheel motor power: 0,37 kW
  • Grinding wheel diameter: 100 mm
  • Speed of rotary table: 200 rpm
  • Maximum blade diameter: 300 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 700x500x750 mm

ATK system for grinding circular blades

ATK, system for grinding circular blades on linear sharpening machine

The system ATK is an innovative, revolutionary and unique grinding machine, that is able to combine into a single professional machine the capability of sharpening both straight and circular blades.
This innovation is made possible by using the ATK system, that has been patented by MVM in 2014, that features a motorized rotary axis that is adjustable from 0° to 60°, for sharpening circular blades and counter-blades up to max Ø 300 mm. This new system can be mounted on our linear grinding machine models KS250, KX250, FX20 and FX40.

This new unique hybrid grinding machine allows the re-grinding of two very different types machine blade, therefore maximizing production efficiency and increasing the investment return on the machine purchase.
This application is suitable and recommended for professional grinding centers and for the tissue industry and paper mills.

Devices for sharpening

Devices for sharpening food industry blades

Tool for sharpening and fixing mincer blades
Tool for sharpening and fixing mincer blades up to a maxmum Ø = 300 mm with centering flange hub for reversible blades. It is possible to work the recess angle up to 15 ° and the cutting angle at 0 ° on each blade. Mobile reference for rapid blade change, rotation stop for angle sharpening.
System for centering and locking flange
System for centering and locking flange for flat mincer blades with all cutting edges of 0 °.
Tool for sharpening and fixing mincer blades
Tool for sharpening and fixing mincer blades up to a maximum Ø = 300 mm with retractable centering expansion for non reversible blades. Ability to adjust the recess angle up to 15 ° with locking brake for angle sharpening and mobile reference for blade changes.
Centering system for grids and flat plate
Centering system for grids and flat plate mincer blades on rotating magnetic chuck.

TP500 Additional head

TP500, Additional head for cleaning and polishing of toothed and bevelled discs

Video tutorial

TP 500 is an additional head for cleaning and polishing circular chamfered or toothed discs.

This is useful to remove any kind of residue build-up from the body of the circular discs and bevels (oxidation, resin, scale, stains, etc).

TP500 is an option for the LA500 and LA700, so they can be used as both as a circular blade grinding machine and as cleaning and polishing machine for circular discs.

Main features

  • Wheel motor power 0,75 kW
  • diameter polishing wheel 200 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the disc LA 500 500 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the disc LA 700 700 mm