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Augmented Reality

​What it is?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows digital elements to be superimposed on the real world, creating a new visual and interactive experience. In industry, AR can have several applications including maintenance, training and customer service.

Training on newly installed machinery, as well as for new operators, is thus enhanced and facilitated by an interactive tool within reach of a smartphone: instead of leafing through important paper manuals the operator, even if only for a quick review, can access training content in a few seconds and clicks.

In addition, AR allows remote assistance from an expert or software, which can guide the operator step by step through troubleshooting routines.

The benefits are the reduction of service costs and error rates, but above all the improvement of the quality of interventions.

Customer service can be enriched and personalised using AR, which allows customers to service their machines independently, with the visual and easy support of a solution that provides them with all useful information on the equipment.

For the development of the new technology, MVM decided to put its trust in PIKKART, a young startup specialising in mobile augmented reality and sector solutions combining AR and artificial intelligence.

How MVM/Businaro's AR works

After downloading a specific App from the website, by framing pre-defined markers applied at various parts on the machines, the MVM / BUSINARO AR allows you to show a highlighted content (mainly a video) concerning the specific feature or function of the equipment or to navigate through other external content such as pdf, audio, contacts, etc.

The style is suitable, above all, for quick training and information.

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