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MVM and Baometal srl

  • 18/05/2022
MVM and Baometal srl

A new MVM start-up for Baometal, which relied on our grinding machines for blades used in aluminium cutting.

This week MVM carried out a new start-up at Baometal in Alessandria, Italy.

Baometal, a joint venture of Baosteel, provides cutting, coating and printing services for steel and steel-related products. Its need is therefore to always have perfectly sharp blades in order to maintain the high quality it offers its customers. 

In order to achieve this, Baometal contacted MVM about purchasing a grinding machine that would allow them to sharpen their blades themselves and thus be operational at all times.

MVM assisted the company with the purchase, identifying Baometal's specific needs and proposing the best grinding machine solutions for the type of work they do. Together they analysed the specific requirements and defined the characteristics for a customised solution.

They came up with the PX 1350 linear blade grinding machine, which is suitable for carbide-tipped blades used in aluminium cutting. It is ideal for Baometal, which offers its services mainly to those dealing with metal packaging.

This winning synergy between the two companies did not stop there. When the grinding machine arrived on site, an MVM specialist technician immediately set to work assembling and starting up the PX 1350, making it immediately operational and allowing Baometal to continue operating, but above all to maintain the quality it guarantees its customers.

An excellent team effort with which MVM is fully satisfied. 

Here is the PX 1350 in operation at Baometal, who kindly allowed us to film it after the start-up.

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