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MVM celebrates its 60th anniversary:

  • 14/03/2019
MVM celebrates its 60th anniversary:

The history and reasons for success in the grinding sector. 2019 will be a year to remember for the company based in Correggio (RE) as it celebrates its anniversary, the expansion of its production plant and the debut of its completely renovated website.


This year, MVM srl, a world leader in the grinding sector based in Correggio (in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy), marks an important milestone: for 60 years, the company has been manufacturing grinding machines for straight blades of all sizes. This occasion will be celebrated at all the trade fairs that the company will be involved in and will reach its peak at the end of the year with a major event to be held at the company’s headquarters in the Emilia region, with the participation of customers, friends and employees.

The history

Let's take a look at the history of MVM, which started out as a third-party manufacturer of mechanical parts for other manufacturing companies. A few years later, the company, in order to meet the demand of the woodworking market, began to design prototypes of grinders for straight blades, suitable for grinding machines used to grind planer knives.

In the 1960s, as a result of the Italian industrial boom, MVM increased its production of grinders for straight blades, gave up third-party processing and began producing MVM grinders for straight blades used in the woodworking sector, diversifying the models in terms of size and performance, and set out to conquer other markets: plastic, food, paper, metalworking, etc.

MVM achieved immediate results, gaining prestige and credibility and establishing itself on the global market not only by frequently attending international trade fairs but also by focusing on product quality, by continuously improving its product portfolio, and by offering machines with a great quality/price ratio compared to those offered by leading German competitors. Despite developing an effective export policy, the company initially focused only on the Italian market, which is its main target market.  Between 1995 and 2000, the company launched a new commercial strategy policy, diversifying its offer in the grinding market and began to produce machines for grinding other types of blades, specifically band saw sharpening and setting machines and grinding machines for bevelled circular discs.

Evergreen MVM

MVM launched a small-sized grinder for grinding planer knives, which was initially sold to carpenters or end users.  The LA range is still its most unique, as these machines are considered to be one-of-a-kind in terms of versatility when it comes to grinding circular blades. This iconic model allowed MVM to overcome a difficult time, namely, the 2009 crisis: in fact, thanks to the trust of its customers who decided to diversify their business, it introduced new types of grinding and provided new services.

Made in Italy production

MVM is proud to be a manufacturer of Italian machines, which are fully designed and produced within the company, which oversees all phases: from design to startup at the customer’s premises. In 2019, the company will also expand its production plant, which will be put into operation, thus allowing it to double the size of its current facility. With more space available, a testing room will be set up for testing the full range of machines currently available on the market and for allowing customers to perform grinding tests before purchasing, as well as for carrying out specific training activities on each model.

Highly skilled technical staff is available to offer solutions, give advice, design customised equipment for clamping blades or particularly complex pieces (with specific shapes) to customise each machine model, with masks and special types of fastening, adapting it to each grinding activity.

With its dedicated technical staff, the Research & Development department is in charge of designing new models and of continuously improving the machines currently produced. The company has been investing in human resources and innovation since 1997 and, up to now, has achieved excellent results.

Today, the company primarily targets the foreign market, which accounts for up to 90% of its turnover, and especially small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly represented by grinding centres: companies that grind tools for third parties and large-scale users.

Thanks to the high quality of its products and to its qualified technical staff, MVM meets the demand for spare parts for the maintenance of machines, including very old machines, and maintains the investment value over time, without encouraging customers to replace equipment. One of the flagships of the Emilia-based company is its after-sales service: continuous investments have been made to set up a reliable organisation, which is operational 365 days a year in order to meet multiple requests in real time, from purchasing consumables to training, including requests for spare parts or providing on-site servicing to ensure machine durability. But that's not all. MVM also offers customers in Italy and Europe the opportunity to trade in their machine for a new model, making it easier to purchase. Machines that are traded in are regenerated and resold with a warranty. MVM aims to be a trustworthy all-round partner for its customers, supporting them now and in the future.

MVM manufactures high-quality grinders thanks to technical staff trained upon hiring, which is always up-to-date through regular training. In fact, the company believes that a good product is the result of a good project and of productive know-how, which is developed and implemented through the expertise of its people. Human resource and customer training is one of the company’s cornerstones and an activity it strongly believes in. All employees in the various business, administrative and technical areas are fluent in foreign languages: Every week, MVM holds courses at the company’s premises, so that all MVM customers can have a contact person in the company who speaks their language.

The Affilella range

For over 10 years, MVM has been combining the offer of a line of traditional machines with a new range of sharpening machines for domestic knives and scissors, namely the Affilella line. A dedicated brand that addresses a different type of target customers: local businesses such as hardware shops, butcher’s shops, cutlery shops, knife grinders, restaurants, tailor’s shops, etc. These grinding solutions differ from MVM’s typical industrial core business and are aimed at individuals and businesses in a variety of sectors.

Communicating grinding

MVM has always had a strong focus on marketing and communication and, over the years, has developed a distinctive brand awareness by participating in some of the world’s leading trade fairs, expanding its business in each country of interest through consolidated partnerships with established local retailers and distributors. In addition, it has focused its efforts on developing its web channel, frequently publishing video tutorials and posts on social platforms, thus creating new sales opportunities. Over the years, with its strong focus on marketing activities, the company has managed to consolidate its market, distinguishing itself from its competitors and gaining new development areas in new growing sectors.

MVM offers its services on the market through a dedicated website, which will be fully renewed and put online in the next few months, by the end of 2019, with lots of images, video tutorials, customer reviews, product technical data sheets, catalogues and many other novelties. On Vimeo, MVM offers an emotional video and a video tutorial for each machine model, available in 7 languages, and an extensive programme of digital marketing activities with weekly newsletters. It is also very active on the main social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2019 goals

This year will be the year of innovation for MVM.  Some of the most interesting projects that will be presented include two highly innovative new types of machines: the SM500 sanding machine, also called the 60° sanding machine for disc deburring, cleaning and surface grinding; and towards the second half of the year, the new ZX, making the range of grinders even more versatile and suitable for processing an ever-increasing number of blades (of different types and sizes) available on the market.

In the next few months, MVM will continue to keep its market up-to-date through its social and institutional web platforms and looks forward to meeting potential customers at international trade fairs, such as the upcoming Aff’Tech 2019 (21-23 March - Reims, France – stand J19- K6) and Tissue World Milan 2019 (25-27 March - Milan, Italy – stand C 700).

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