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​ MVM will be present at the Tube, Grinding Hub, Xylexpo and Drupa 2024 fairs

  • 22/01/2024
​  MVM will be present at the Tube, Grinding Hub, Xylexpo and Drupa 2024 fairs

Also this year MVM will be present at the most important trade fairs in Europe: let's find out together where you can find us.

The fairs we will participate in

2024 has arrived and we at MVM renew our commitment to always want to be close to customers and retailers, participating in the major trade fairs in the sector, to be able to share the news that await us in the near future.

Four opportunities to meet us, present our projects, introduce you to and appreciate the new machines and our know-how, history and professional experience that makes MVM one of the market leaders in the production of machines for sharpening and grinding all types of blades.

Another important novelty also involves us this year: from the first of July, the experience of MVM and Businaro, which started from the joint venture that began in September 2022 with the signing of the two-year partnership, will be completed, closing the circle and merging together the two companies, united in the production of blade sharpening machines. This merger will therefore soon be a reality.

But let's see together what fairs await us, because this spring is approaching and will see us in the major European cities to present our machines to all of you, but first of all our history and our vision, with an eye always turned to innovation. Here's what they are.

Tube, Düsseldorf – 15/19 April 2024

The first trade fair this year will be the Tube in Düsseldorf, from 15 to 19 April 2024, the international trade fair for tube production and processing technologies. On this occasion, for the first time, MVM participates with the acquisition of Businaro's know-how, to celebrate the joint venture that from 1 July 2024 will see the two companies merge and share their technical knowledge as a single industrial reality. In this setting, Businaro machines for sharpening circular saws for cutting pipes will be exhibited, presented with the colors and history of MVM.

Grinding Hub, Stuttgart – 14/17 May 2024

One of the most important trade fairs for us, the international trade fair dedicated to all grinding and sharpening technologies, of which we are the world leader in production. On this occasion we will present the MVM and Businaro machines together, and we will have the opportunity to discuss our major production innovations for customers from all over the world.

Xylexpo, Milan – 21-24 May 2024

The third fair that will see us exhibiting will be at "home", and it is the Xylexpo 2024 in Milan, the fair dedicated to the processing of wood and its components and secondary processing, where we will participate again with only MVM machines, used in the wood industry for their multiple functions in the sharpening sector of all types of cutting blades.

Drupa, Düsseldorf – 28 May/7 June 2024

We end the exhibition year with the Drupa fair, returning to the city of Düsseldorf, which this year will welcome us for the second time as MVM and Businaro, to meet all the manufacturers and entrepreneurs of the paper converting sector and the paper and printing industry. In this circumstance we will exhibit the machines of both our brands.

These events will be an opportunity to introduce you to our news and our know-how, to meet, talk and share our experience with you and talk about our prospects for the future of the company.

We can't wait for you to discover and appreciate our commitment and passion in what we have always done: providing our customers with the machinery that accompanies them and improving the productivity of their business and production realities.

We'll be there, and you?

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