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Ultrasonic washing machine

Ultrasonic washing machine


Ultrasonic washing machine

The ultrasonic washer, combined with the chemical action of the detergent and the thermal action of the liquid temperature, is the most effective technological system to obtain a perfect cleaning of the surfaces of cutting tools, removing in a few minutes both organic contaminants (greases , oils, resins) and inorganic contaminants (machining residues, metal salts).

The degreasing and cleaning action of the detergent supported by the water temperature weakens any residue attached to the surface, while the molecular agitation of the water produced by the ultrasonic cavitation attacks and removes completely the residue of any nature.

Technical features

  • Useful capacity 80 liters
  • Thermal power 3 kW
  • Ultrasound power 2,8 kW
  • Ultrasound frequency 28 kHz
  • Timer 0-999 min
  • Temperature 0°-80°C
  • Max diameter 500 mm
  • External dimensions 850x500x850 mm
  • Washing machine interior dimensions 550x300x550 mm

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