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Grinding machines for Straight Blades

Grinders for straight blades

Grinding Machine FX40 (30 kW)

Grinders for straight blades

The FX 40 model grinding machine is available with grinding lengths ranging from 1500 mm to 7100 mm, and longer for special grinding applications. The FX 40 has high power grinding wheel motor, this grinding machine is recommended for major knife and blade manufacturers or companies needing to surface grind large work-pieces.

Technical features

  • Rotating magnetic chuck from -90° to +90° (width 200 mm);
  • Angular divisor for magnetic chuck;
  • Grinding motor 30 kW (40 HP);
  • Segment holding ring Ø350 mm;
  • Digital programmer PLC SIMATIC S7-1200;
  • Automatic lubrication;
  • Variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m/min with carriage run adjustment controlled electronically by PLC;
  • Automatic grinding wheel downfeed and fully programmable working cycle by means of a digital programmer (PLC);
  • Grinding wheel quick up and down approach, and slow down approach;
  • Transversal head translation for a perfect aligning of the grinding wheels in relation to the work piece;
  • Separate coolant collection tank fitted with 180 l/min. motor pump.

Upon request

  • PLC Siemens Touch Screen
  • Magnetic chuck with high power polarity;
  • Rotating magnetic chuck 250 - 300 – 350 mm width;
  • Segments holding ring Ø 400 – Ø450 mm;
  • Grinding motor 45 kW (60 HP);
  • Variable grinding wheel speed;
  • Slow carriage speed 0,3 mt/min;
  • RTS Level detector – wheel wear compensation system;
  • Magnetic coolant cleaner with rotating discs;
  • Coolant cleaner with paper filter automatic or manual;
  • Additional grinding head 3,7 kW (5 HP) automatic or manual;
  • Extraction system.

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