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“Doctor Blades”

Grinding machine for "Doctor Blades"


Grinding machine for "Doctor Blades"

The KX250 grinding machine with hydraulic clamping system for doctor blades is specifically for the production and grinding of large daily quantities of doctor blades and other scrapping type blades used during the production of tissue paper (e.g toilet paper, paper towels, serviettes, tissue paper, etc.). The KX 250 grinding machine features a PLC Siemens that controls the complete grinding program and carriage movement during the various stages of the working cycle.

The KX250 has a heavy and very sturdy construction and a powerful 15 kW motor, capable of re-grinding up to 80 doctor blades simultaneously and so is ideal for high daily production quantities.

Technical features

  • Grinding Motor 15 kW with Ø250mm segment grinding wheel
  • Grinding head vibration free and very quiet
  • Carriage drive via a toothed belt, which ensures a very smooth translation
  • Carriage moves on lubricated sliding blocks, the sliding surface of which is made of PTFE, which has a very low coefficient of friction and is extremely hard wearing
  • Carriage guides are hardened and precisely ground and covered with replaceable steel strips
  • High flow rate of coolant with two side nozzles and one nozzle in the center of the grinding wheel
  • Latest generation PLC (Programmer digital)
  • Automatic working cycle and spark-out programmable via PLC
  • Adjustable carriage run and variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m / min
  • Hydraulic clamping system to re-grind up to 80 doctor blades simultaneously

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