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Grinding machines for Circular blades

Circular knife grinding machine with tangential grinding wheel


Grinding Machine LT500

Circular knife grinding machine with tangential grinding wheel

Versatile and unique circular knife grinding machine for grinding chamfered circular knives up to Ø500 mm, single and multiple counter blades with tangential grinding wheel Ø250 mm or face grinding wheel (optional) Ø150 mm.

Due to its rigid base, heavy structure and perfect weight distribution, the LT500 allows vibration-free working and low roughness and excellent finishes.

The LT500 is equipped with a 1.8 kW (2.5 HP) electric grinding motor mounted on 2 step-by-step motorised linear working axes and controlled by a Siemens touch screen PLC with user-friendly software and intuitive user-interface. The equipment is completed by grinding head rotation from 0° to 90°, programmable automatic work cycle, centesimal grinding head feed with electronic handwheel for precision movements, grinding wheel rotation inversion, table speed variator from 3 to 35 rpm and mobile column that allows workpieces to be machined more than 300 mm from the table.

The LT500 can be equipped with a magnetic table Ø300 mm or wider and a magnetic or paper purifier with external tank.

Technical features

  • Grinding wheel motor power: 1.8 kW (2.5 HP)
  • Tangential grinding wheel diameter: Ø250 mm (50 mm hole)
  • Face grinding wheel diameter: Ø150 mm (bore 20mm)
  • Horizontal X axis stroke: 220 mm
  • Vertical Z axis travel: 220 mm
  • Centring on magnetic plate: Ø25 mm
  • Table rotation speed variator: 3-35 rpm
  • Mobile column vertical stroke 180 mm
  • Max. grinding wheel passage tangential-magnetic plane: 340 mm
  • Max. wheel passage frontal-magnetic plane: 315 mm

Upon request

  • Magnetic table (optional): Ø300-Ø350-Ø400 mm

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