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Ofertas especiales MVM

Ofertas especiales MVM


Las ofertas especiales propuestas por MVM se publicarán mensualmente en esta sección.

Se trata de maquinaria "de regreso de las ferias", maquinaria en promoción, ofertas semanales / mensuales con descuentos especiales, usados ​​reacondicionados y garantizados.



Overhauled, repainted, fully functional

  • ​6-month warranty on mechanical parts
  • Year of production 1999;
  • Grinding wheel motor 7.5 kW (10 HP), 400-3-50 Hz;
  • Grinding wheel Ø200mm (segment wheel);
  • Magnetic table 2100x150 mm, electro-permanent type (cold) with T-slot;
  • Lever for rotating the magnetic plane from 0° to 90°;
  • Controls for rapid grinding wheel descent and ascent and slow descent;
  • Mini PLC Promax;
  • Automatic motorised grinding wheel descent controlled by PLC (0.001-0.1 mm);
  • Automatic work cycle (roughing, finishing, spark-out);
  • Variable carriage speed 1-30 m / min;
  • Automatic lubrication of PTFE sliding blocks;
  • Coolant through the centre of the grinding wheel + 2 nozzles at the sides;
  • External tank with pump and magnetic cleaner;
  • Motorised quick change of the wheel change.

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UTR 80

UTR 80

Used in MVM showroom, overhauled, fully functional

  • ​Thermal power 3 kW;
  • Ultrasound power 2,8 kW;
  • Ultrasound frequency 28 kHz;
  • Wash cycle duration timer from 0 to 999 min;
  • Water heating temperature thermostat from 0° to 80°C;
  • Useful capacity 80 liters, internal dimensions 550x300x550 mm;
  • External dimensions 850x500x850 mm;
  • Support tool for circular discs up to Ø500 mm with centring min. Ø14 mm;
  • Workpiece holder basket internal dimensions 270x235x230 mm;
  • Packaging in fumigated wooden crate.

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  • Grinding wheel motor power 1.5 kW;
  • Grinding wheel diameter Ø127mm;
  • Maximum external diameter of blade Ø300mm;
  • Variable speed of blade support 3-35 rpm;
  • Basement;
  • Equipment for bedknives.
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ZX 1230

ZX 1230

Used, overhauled, repainted, fully functional

  • ​​6-month warranty on mechanical parts
  • Year of production 2015;
  • Grinding wheel motor 2.2 kW (3 HP);
  • Cup wheel 150mm;
  • Magnetic chuck 1230x100 rotating from 0° to 90° with graduated scale;
  • Base;
  • Automatic mechanical grinding wheel descent with cable controlled increment and stop at preset height;
  • Head inclination for sharpening concave knives;
  • Coolant system;
  • Carriage drive by chain.

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TT 150

TT 150

Used, overhauled, fully functional

  • ​Warranty 6 months;
  • Year of production 2006;
  • Grinding wheel motor 3,7 kW (5 HP) 400 Volt, threephase, 50 Hz
  • Cup wheel Ø150mm;
  • Manual downfeed;
  • Manual Transversal carriage translation;
  • Suitable for double bevel blades;
  • Ideal for paper knives and veneer blades;
  • Ideal for the KX 250 model grinding machine.
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  • Hydraulic rectifier for blades;
  • Automatic movement of the blade;
  • Maximum thrust straightening;
  • Manometer for pressure straightening control;
  • Available with 2 rollers (for blades up to 1500mm) or 4 rollers (2500mm).
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Automatic Knifeloader

Automatic Knifeloader

Automatic loader for 10 lame up to 1500 mm

Loading of blades on the automatic loader and the entering of program number and the blade Length.

Start-up cycle:

  • The carriage positions itself at a default position with respect to the zero point of the machine;
  • The loader places the blade on the magnetic chuck;
  • Magnetic chuck magnetizes;
  • Rotation of chuck to -35 °;
  • Demagnetization of chuck followed by alignment the blade by pneumatic actuator;
  • Actuator moves back and the chuck magnetizes;
  • Rotation of chuck to the angle set in the desired program;
  • Start grinding wheel, coolant pump and carriage movement;
  • Fast approach of the grinding wheel to the blade followed by slow descent;
  • When the grinding wheel touches the work-piece the automatic working cycle for roughing, finishing and spark-out begins;
  • At the end of the automatic cycle the carriage stops at the right inversion point;
  • The chuck rotates to zero degrees and demagnetizes;
  • A blade washing cycles follows between the two inversions points;
  • At the end the grinding wheel moves to the zero position point and the carriage moves to the cycle start point;
  • Demagnetization of the chuck;
  • Blade is unloaded;
  • Rotation of chuck to -10 °;
  • Washing and drying cycle along length of chuck;
  • Afterwards the carriage moves to the working cycle starting point;
  • The magnetic chuck returns to zero degrees;
  • Begin a new working cycle.
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