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60 anni di MVM

Advantages of coolant filtration systems:
magnetic cleaner and paper filter

magnetic cleaner

All MVM grinding machines are equipped with a coolant which is used to cool the moving parts.

This coolant liquid, working in a closed circuit inside the machine, gets dirty over time.

By not cleaning it, the quality of the grinding deteriorates, because the dirt interferes with the abrasive and does not allow it to drain properly.

cleaner and paper filter

For this reason, these filtration systems have been created: they help keep the coolant clean from solid impurities.

This is done by separating the coolant liquid from the blade processing waste and the abrasive waste that is consumed during sharpening.

The magnetic cleaner intercepts and separates from the liquid only the metallic (dirty) material of a ferromagnetic nature.

magnetic cleaner and paper filter

The paper filter, on the other hand, intercepts and also separates other types of material, non-ferrometallic material such as stainless steel blade residues or hard metal blade residues, a material which must then be disposed in special waste.

Coolant filtration systems can be applied to all our grinding machines.

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