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Tangential additional Grinding

Tangential additional Grinding Head

The tangential additional grinding head is an option that is installed on the right side of the carriage head, with 2 motorised axes Y-Z and controlled by the PLC, and available from the model KX250.

Tangential grinding head TT250 with 1.5 kW (2 HP) and either manual downfeed and cross-feed, or automatic controlled by PLC.

Main features

  • Grinding wheel diameter max Ø250 mm
  • Grinding wheel centre-hole diameter Ø50 mm
  • Grinding motor 1.5 kW (2 HP)
  • Y axis (transverse movement) 200 mm
Tangential additional Grinding Head Tangential additional Grinding Head Tangential additional Grinding Head

Extraction System

Turbine extractor with interchangeable extractor fans to remove coolant oil mist during grinding machine operation.

Set-ups available:

  • 2 extraction hoods fitted on the carriage and a filter fitted on the grinding head;
  • 2 extraction hoods fitted on the internal ends of the machine base, and ground filter;
  • 4 extraction hoods fitted on both the carriage and the ends of the machine base, with ground filter and extraction channel (complete system);
Extraction System for grinding machine Turbine extractor with interchangeable extractor

Coolant Cleaner units

Magnetic cleaner

Paper filter

Combined filter

Coolant Magnetic cleaner

Coolant cleaner unit with magnetic rotating discs for filtering liquid coolants; suitable for all grinding machines offering effective shaving and magnetic particle removal.

Paper filter

Cleaning unit with paper filter for liquid lubricant-coolants, suitable for all grinding machines. Manual or automatic filter paper roll feed versions available.

Combined filter

Combined rotary magnetic disc/paper filter cleaning unit for liquid lubricant-coolants, which removes all the magnetic particles from the coolant first and then filters other non-magnetic particles.

Additional grinding head TT 150 TT 150

Additional grinding head TT 150

The additional 3.7 kW (5 HP) grinding head can be used to speed up the working cycles or for re-griding double-bevel straight blades.

Main features:

  • Transversal carriage translation;
  • Manual or automatic downfeed;
  • Suitable for double bevel blades;
  • Ideal for paper knives and veneer blades;
  • Ideal for the KX 250 model grinding machine.
Additional grinding head tt 150 Re-griding double-bevel straight blades


The precision super-finishing head is a 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) additional grinding head for finishing micro bevels on straight blades.

Main features:

  • Manual downfeed;
  • Ideal for paper blades;
  • Ideal for blades with hard-metal cutting edge.

Precision superfinishing grinding head Finishing micro bevels on straight blades

Level detector RTS 15 Video tutorial

Level detector RTS 15

The RTS level detector allows the user to calculate the thickness of the finished article, taking into account wheel wear.

Available in a manual version with vernier scale or automatic version with PLC.

Main features:

  • Vernier scale with 1/100 mm accuracy;
  • Measures the actual thickness of the finished blade;
  • Necessary to ensure finished straight blades have exactly the same thickness;
  • Excellent watertightness;
  • Sturdy, vibration-proof frame.
Level detector RTS 15 Automatic version with PLC